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Art-Teenth - International Art Group Exhibition

Aggiornamento: 21 lug 2023

Court Square Exchange, 211 State Street Bridgeport, CT, 06604, USA, June 17 - July 21 2023

SHIM Social Justice Network

I am delighted to share that I am exhibiting at the inaugural “Art-teenth” show and live celebration of creative freedom on the Juneteenth holiday in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA. As well as, the simultaneously running “Exquisite Codes” exhibition in Berlin, Germany. With big thanks to @thisisamyjackson for curating, @shimartnetwork for the opportunity and @hohenthal_und_bergen

In this show SHIM repurposes the exquisite corpse technique to break down the art barriers and promote inclusivity. By leveraging the concept of the exquisite corpse to create a collaborative artwork, artists are showcased from all over the world and QR codes are displayed alongside, allowing viewers to scan them and be redirected on "Social Justice" Artsy gallery by SHIM Art Network.

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