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Wildlife photography

Photographic production created from 2013 onwards. It collects photographies taken during journeys and safari in Africa and Midle East. It includes a section about the hyaena, the greatest naturalistic passions of the artist.
Imposing Wilderness

Imposing Wilderness  tells about  the fascination that one feels in remote and boundless places, where the mind is transported through a different perception of space. The imposing desert of our imagination, the one that frightens us, but fascinates us immensely for its extraordinary beauty. The photos were taken during a trip to Namibia, a land of magical and surreal landscapes, in the desert of Namib, in the Kunene region and in the Skeleton coast.
Immortal Fauna

Immortal Fauna talks about the fantastic sighting of animals into the wild. There are beautiful places on earth, but what makes them unique and special are the wild creatures that inhabit them. We can remember great natural scenaries but what will remain imprinted in our memory will be that particular moment that connects a place and a living being in the magic of a moment immortalized by photography. The images of animals focus on the importance of preserving ecosystems and biodiversity: some species on the brink of extinction are presented within the project.
Minamalist Landscapes

Minimalist Landscapes of rare beauty where the mind is carried away by the imagination. A journey into the emotion aroused by the wilderness and from its power to evoke in man the sense of the sublime, restoring a relationship of symbiosis with nature.
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