Professional ​

Vincenzo Cohen (birth name, Vincenzo Curcio) is an Italian classically trained nature artist and photographer. He was born in Zurich (Switzerland) and after spending his childhood in Calabria, he moved from South Italy to Rome. In 2002 he graduated in Fine Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts and in 2007 he achieved the second master's degree in Archaeology from the "La Sapienza" University in Rome.

As a polyhedric artist, his production is the result of a continuous process of historical-scientific research directed to the representation of cultural content with a naturalistic and social background. He is involved in Wildlife Conservation and he travels through Africa and Midle East to get inspiration for his art production. Much oh his work consists in reworking of life experiences by using different media, through an expressionist style and by means of photography. 

Teaching skills with extensive experience in Secondary High School Institutions.
Experienced in training, educational activities, group management.
Experienced in in naturalistic, historical and archaeological fieldwork.
Driving license type A and B
Job position 
Higher Education Teacher  

2012 - present 

History teacher

MIUR, Ministry of Education, University and Research;;

Liceo Artistico Ripetta via di Ripetta, 218, Rome (AS 2012-13; 2019-20);;

I.I.S. L. Einaudi via S. Maria alle fornaci1,Rome (AS 2018-19 );

Liceo delle Scienze Umane Margherita di Savoia, via Cerveteri 55/57, Rome (AS 2017-18)

Istituto Tecnico Statale per il Turismo C. Colombo, via Panisperna 255, Rome (AS 2017-18)

Istituto Tecnico Leonardo da Vinci, via Cavour, 258, Rome  (AS 2016-17)

Liceo Classico Bertrand Russell, via Tuscolana, 208, Rome (AS 2015-16)

Liceo Artistico Caravaggio, Via C. T. Odescalchi, 75, Rome (AS 2013-14)

Committee Member for High School Final Exams

Liceo scientifico Aristotele, via dei Sommozzatori, 50, Rome (2009)
Liceo scientifico Morgagni, via Fonteiana, 125, Rome (2014)

Etruscan and Italic Antiquities - University Course​
09-08-2008 - 06-15-2009


UPTER, Popular University, via 4 novembre 157
Via Quattro Novembre, 157, 00187 Rome (Italy)

Archaeological class on Etruscan Antiquities

Museum Operator (internship)

2-20-2007 - 06-01-2008


Prehistoric-Ethnographic Museum Luigi Pigorini, Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 14
Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 14, 00144 Rome (Italy)

Prehistoric art lab and museum tour guide

Art Expositions and Awards

Solo show , Four for Art Gallery, via Merulana, Rome, 2005

Solo show, Ripetta Arts Institute, via di Ripetta, Rome, 2008

Art Competion Painting Award, Il Quadrato Art Gallery, Cesenatico (RN), 1997

Collective Art Exhibition, Doria Pamphili Cafè Art Gallery, Rome, 1999

M. Marchese Painting Prize Collective Art Exhibition, La Cuba d'oro Art Gallery, Rome, 2001

A Tree Of Good Memories - Collective Art Exhibition, NoLabel Art Gallery, London (UK),  March 2021

Art Web List Online Art Exhibition - Art Web List Istanbul (TR), March 2021

Art Room Contemporary Gallery - Nature Art and Collective Art Exhibition, Honorable Mention  May 2021

Lightspacetime On Line Art Gallery - Animal Art Exhibition, Special recognition, June 2021

Seascape and Waters Preservation - A Collective Story of Climate Change, Platform Planet Earth - Permanent on line Exhibition 2021

Art as a response to mental health Exhibition 2021 - Doncaster Art Fair, July 2021

Art Room Contemporary Gallery - Animals Art Exhibition, Honorable Mention, Wildlife Photography, June 2021

Dante Alighieri International Award - Video Art Exhibition, Palazzo Borghese, Florence, July 2021

Festival Cultura Identità - Video Art Exhibition, Casale Monferrato (AL), July 2021

Art Show International, Animal Art Exhibition, Finalist Award, July 2021

Art Show International - Waters Art Exhibition, Honorable Mention, August 2021

Grey Cube Gallery - Faces Art Show, Finalist award, August 2021

DOF Gallery Landscapes Photography Group Exhibitions, August 2021

Art Room Contemporary Gallery - Life on earth Exhibition, Honorable Mention, Photography, August 2021

Gallery Ring, Animal Art Group Exhibition, Finalist award

Art Show International - Permanent Solo Show, August 2021 Transfiguration: Growth and Identity from Global Perspectives Virtual Gallery & Collective Art Exhibition, September 2021

Biennale Venezia Modigliani Opera Vision Contemporary Artists Exhibition,  Fondazione Amedeo Modigliani, La Pietà Monumental Complex, Venice, Italy, 01/09-30/10/21

Platforme Planet Earth - Art for Climate Change, Unequivocable-Fragile-Hopeful. A short film featuring environmental productions of international artists, 193 Gallery 24 Rue Béranger, 75003 Paris, October, 2021

Vittorio Sgarbi Award, Collective Art Exhibition, 29 October 2021, Ente Fiere, Ferrara (Italy), Oct/Nov. 2021

COP26 Together for our planet on line Art Exhibition, Occhi Contemporary Art, Nov. 2021

Kodama Festival Photography Contest Art Exhibition, Glasgow, Nov. 2021

Fear the Tangible International Art Group Exhibition - Pocket Star Gallery Neo Faliro, Katsoulakou 19, Athens, December 2021

Transcending Barriers: Art Outside The Box, Art Group Exhibition presented by Art Show International Gallery on 12/2021- 01/2022

Elements of Nature, J. Mane International On Line Art Gallery Art Group Exhibition Jenuary 2022

THE ITALICA COLLECTION - Solo Art Exhibition & Art Catalogue Presentation - Museum of Brettii and Oenotrians,  Monumental Complex of St. Augustine, Cosenza, Italy, February 2022

Tintoretto International Award For The Arts 2022 - Artexpo' Gallery, February 2022

Portraits in red and grey - Hanbell Gallery on, Artist in residence Solo Exhibition, Genuary 2022

Imposing wilderness - A Collective Story of Climate Change, Platform Planet Earth - Permanent on line Exhibition 2022

Planet Recovery Project Exhibition - Labirinth Gallery, Striped Hyaena Conservation Project, February 2022

Art Show International - Portrait Art Exhibition 3 edition, Honorable Mention, February 2022

Best Picture on Artjobs March 2022

Platforme Planet Earth - Art for Climate Change, Accountability- Transformation-Action​. A short film featuring environmental productions of international artists, Washington, March 2022 New Joiners - People, Berbers, Expert commended award, March 2022

Art Show International, Animal Art Exhibition, Merit Award, April 2022 Minimalist landscapes - The silent desert & Brandberg Mountains outline, Merit award, April 2022

Lost for words - Kathryn Chapman Photography Group Exhibition, Felt Photographic Gallery 01-31 May 2022

Gallery Ring, Artist of the month, Crystal award, May 2022 Tombstones - Grave, Expert commended award, May 2022

Upcoming events

Imposing wilderness Nature Photography Art Exhibition curated by Art critic R. Sottile - Museo Civico, Palazzo Zagarese, Rende old town (CS) 21/05-21/06/2022

Chania International Photo Festival Blank Wall Gallery - Center of the Mediterranean Architecture, Old Harbor of Chania (Crete, Greece) 06/07-12/07/2022



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Artist of the month on Artjobs/February 2019

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Environmentalism issues: The Marine Nature into the Art Imagery in GO-TO-ARTISTS

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Style Best - Medea portrait

The Thought Collective International Art Magazine, first issue, No war, April 2022


English level B1-C1

Spanish Level A2-A1

Grammar School Diploma 
09-15-1992 - 07-05-1997

EQF level 4

Liceo "Italo Maione" Paola (CS) (Italy) 

Fine Arts Degree

09-15-1998 - 07-20-2002

EQF level 7

Academy of Fine Arts of Rome
Via di Ripetta, 222, 00186 Rome (Italy)

Graduate thesis in "History of the Spectacle: "The two Nosferatu: cults of the non-living and the undead", final score 106/110.

Archeological drawing class "Methodologies and technique of archaeological drawing"

05-05-2005 - 06-95-2005

EQF level 3

National Prehistoric Museum of Abruzzo
Paludi, 1, Celano (AQ), 67043 Celano (AQ) (Italy)

Prehistoric and Protohistoric documentation of lithic industry, ceramic and metallic tools.

Archaeology Secondary Degree

01-18-2003 - 02-12-2007

EQF level 6

University of Rome "La Sapienza", Rome (Italy)

Graduate thesis in Etruscan and Italic Antiquities: "The italic settlement of Castiglione di Paludi in the Ancient Brutium”, final score 110 Magna cum laude.

AIEA - Field guide course, level 1

09-08-2015 - 02-10-2016

AIEA (Associazione Italiana Esperti Africa)
Via Luigi Cibrario 7 - Torino, 10100 Turin (Italy)

AIEA - Focus on African mammals course

09-05-2015 - 10-05-2015

AIEA (Associazione Italiana Esperti Africa)
Via Luigi Cibrario 7 - Torino, 10100 Turin (Italy)