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The present work consists in the representation of cultural, historical and social contents mostly focused on the development of nature and enviroment related issues. The art collections, performed over the years, address each differently the nature theme.

The Twilight and Portraits in red and grey collections deal with the body representation in its different shapes, as an expression of nature while the Italica collection evokes with a naturalistic style the freedom of expression of the archaic italic populations. Man becomes the spokesman, through the myth and the historical portrait, of universal values intended to exalt the creation and the nature interpreted as a manifestation of divine.

The collections Extinction and Marine nature focus on issues related to the preservation of ecosystems and biodiversities: the former refers to the extinction of species, spaces and civilization; the latter focus on the theme of the sea as a source of life and on waters, seascapes and seabeds preservation. Consequences of the advancement of overheating are represented by the effects of the environmental impact and the absence of water, such as in the artworks Drought and Desertification, where the sterility of earth represents the loss of the primary resource.

I understood the importance of environment protection since I was a child when coming back from Kenya I had a strong mal d'Africa. The vision of wild and uncontaminated spaces awakens man’s ancestral belonging to primitive state in which man lived in symbiosis with nature. Nowadays technology and virtual comunications have driven man away from his primordial istinctuality and from himself. I realized then how important it had to be for me to communicate a message of support for nature and give my contribution in the conservation. In wildlife photography I seek to convey a message of respect for the environment by stimulating collective perception and awareness about the values of biodiversity and of uniqueness of animal species. Through the interaction between photography and painting nature is analyzed in different forms and social meanings by referring to the progressive species extinction and to the disappearance of natural spaces for several causes.


Goals and objectives

This website stems from the need to promote the authorial artistic production. The projects presented focus on the wildlife safeguard, landscape preservation and species conservation in order to raise awareness through art education and dissemination. 
One further purpose consist in the creation of collaborations with Art Institutions and Nature Conservancies in the attempt to join socially committed artists and naturalists in a connecting network. Art can really be a means and an aid to contribute in the conservation of biodiversity and combat the risk of extinction. Art can be a means to denounce the injustices.
Request and orders
It is possible to send questions and submit requests for commissioned paintings and custom works from the menu item "contacts". In case of sale the certificate of authenticity duly completed and signed and the receipt for payment will be provided directly by the artist. In case of commission the artist provides the contract of commission to sell. 
All rights deriving from the dissemination, distribution, eventual sale of the works presented are reserved to the Author by law (L. 633/1941) on "Protection of copyright and other rights associated with its exercise," and by Title IX (articles 2575-2583) of Book V of the Italian Civil Code (1942).
Photos in the page background are works by the artist.
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