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Art Collections

The theme of the Marine nature stems from the need to express own sense of belonging to the sea. The sea water erodes past memories, through a slow process of weathering. Marine elements like stones, seashells and sand represent the result of this process of mind erosion and biological stratification whereas anthropic productions testify the passing of peoples who have sailed the Mediterranean. A tribute to the Mediterranean and its history, evocation of submerged memories that resurface. The collection is part of the project Art for climate change by Platform Planet Earth.
Twilight is the title of the first pictorial production realized during the academic years. The collection includes artworks mostly in shades of blue, performed between 1998 and 2002. The subjects depicted concern mythological beings and universal themes represented through gothic inspirations and  states of mind. Somber tones and dark atmosphere predominate. Among the paintings some artworks of social significance from the collection Drawings against the war are related to the war in Ukraine.
Extinction & Climate Change Art are the collections addressed to environmental issues. Passion begins at eleven years old, when the artist came into contact with African nature. The former, developed over the years, deals with the extinction of living species, the gradual disappearance of natural spaces and civilizations and reflects the interest in the primitive mask of the early years. Thousands of species are gradually disappearing from the globe and art can be a means to raise awareness. The latter shows the effects of phenomena such as global warming, desertification and carbon footprint by highlighting the bond with the mother earth.
Italica is the collection inspired by archaelogical remains. From 2005 to 2014, during a long period of inactivity the artist produces a single painting entitled Gigantomachy which summarizes the interest in Etruscan art of orientalizing age (7th century B.C.). Other artworks subsequently created connect back to Etruscan imaginary and testify interest in the study of the Italic Antiquities, especially for productions of the archaic and classical period (6-4th century  BC) and of the Middle Italic tradition (4-3th century BC). 

Across the centuries of the history the collection Portraits in red and grey intends to show historical figures in the light of their cultural context. The source of inspiration borns from the sculpture in moving from three-dimensional to two-dimensional representation. They are often isolated figures in a neutral background, rapt in hermetic expressions, to emphasize the need for psychological introspection. The art collection includes a series of portraits produced between 2014 and 2021. It represents a return to the painting after ten long years of silence. 

Armored corps is the new painting collection in progress. The representation ranging from body intended as a protective armor into figurative with abstract trends. The collection marks a return to the pictorial style of the previous collection Twilight but also to the centrality of the human figure, focused on the male universe. The source of inspiration borns from the life drawing  or from the sculpture of Greek Roman ancestry. The collection includes artworks that represent unconscious contents, fears emerging from the depths and from the dream imagery.
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