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Social Justice Art of the Twenties Vol. 1

Aggiornamento: 21 dic 2023

Hardcover Book, November 2023

This remarkable collection showcases the works of 51 visionary artists hailing from 28 countries, their craft serving as a potent catalyst for societal change. From bold visual statements to innovative practices, these creators redefine the boundaries of art, sparking a new wave of activism and empathy.

Within these pages, the book addresses a myriad of pressing issues, including racial equality, socioeconomic inequality, the climate crisis, sexism, feminism, ableism, fast fashion, and other critical social justice themes of our time. It celebrates the diversity of voices actively seeking to make sense of the tumultuous twenties, where every artistic intervention becomes a poignant agent for a world in flux.

Featuring Vincenzo Cohen, Abu Jafar, Anne Fromont, Manuel Hechavarria Zaldivar and more..

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