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BODIES ARMY Art Collections 2024

Art Book by SNAP Collective

I am happy to present my second Art Book titled "BODIES ARMY" published by SNAP Collective. By June 5 will be launched the promotional campaign of pre-orders with a discount of 10%. I want to thank SNAP Collective for giving me the opportunity to realize this editorial project without no requesting for financial contributions. The SNAP Publishing Group promotes artists through self-financing that occurs through the sale of art books, making possible the payment of technicians, graphic designers behind the realization of different publishing projects and artists based on sales obtained. It is an ambitious project of social painting that collects my latest production focusing on the concepts of "armored corp", "human-shield" and the consequent psychological implications related to the defense mechanisms of the Ego. This book represents the achievement of some objectives of my artistic research through a message of strong social impact aimed at the acceptance of diversity in all its forms and expressions. Within the catalog you will find descriptive texts of the collections, artwork's pictures with captions, some texts from the Poetry collection "Spirit rising" and a section of digital art about "Doubling/DOPPIO". I hope to receive your support by purchasing a copy of the catalog with a 10% discount on the cover price during the two weeks of pre-order. The sale of the first 25 copies will allow me to access the printing of the catalog that can be distributed internationally, at art fairs, institutional bodies, galleries and in all related artistic spaces. I am trying to channel my personal experience through art, to change this world into a better world through a message of peace and tolerance. I really hope that this project will encourage new examples for a better society in future. I sincerely trust in all of you because only through your support my social commitment through art can be spread and disseminated. In the above link you will find all the technical information about the publication.

Don’t miss the chance to share this fantastic editorial project, stay tuned!

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