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"Art as a response of mental health.." Doncaster Art Fair On Line Exhibition

Aggiornamento: 15 giu 2021

Sea depth, mixed media on canvas, 50x50

The theme of the work I presented is the sea. I believe that it has always been considered therapeutic for mental health, because of the beneficial properties of seawater and sea air. The sea and its colors, visually affect our perception calming the body and the mind. At a psychic level, blue stimulates mental activity and facilitates the overcoming of pain. Scientifically, unlike red, it decreases blood pressure and heart rate. Emotionally, it allows you to create a state of calm and relaxation. The work I bring to attention represents an abyss with its deep blues that recall the depths of the sea. Furthermore in the collective immagination the marine world is closely linked to the image of water as symbol of intrauterine reunion with the mother. The sea calls to mind memories of childhood, strengthens family ties, recalls the world of a lost innocence.

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